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Special Section: Fascination

Editor's Introduction
Fascination Variations


(Sung to "That Old Black Magic"")

John Allman Vachel Lindsay and the Whales of California
that boomlay-boom of surf and gold-
flecked skin the error of lost love?

Sandra Cutuli Pieced
needles and pins,
like animals, tables, pots,
were listed in wills

D. H. Lawrence Bavarian Gentians
let me guide myself with the blue, forked torch of this flower
down the darker and darker stairs...

Dan Masterson Bloodline
He is unaware of the workshirt she sees
Come up from the grave
To fit itself to his shoulders

Pamela Burgess Five MoonMails
Suppose each month someone, from somewhere out there, sent you a mysterious image and a reminder that this was the night of the full moon. Would you be fascinated?
      Full Moody Moon
Full Photo Moon
Full Pink Moon
Full Snow Moon

Full Spotted Moon



Paul Mandelbaum from The Art Lovers
Visualize seduction. And self-confidence. Gravitas, too, but especially seduction.




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Third Anne Silver Memorial Award - Robert Mezey Please?

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