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Summer/Fall 2004
by Elizabeth Willis

Reviewed by Catherine Daly


Spring 2004
Prayer to Spider Woman / Rezo a la Mujer Araña
By Renato Rosaldo
Reviewed by Juan Felipe Herrera
The Devil’s Workshop
by Demetria Martinez
Reviewed by ariel robello
J’Accuse by Aharon Shabtai (translated from the Hebrew by Peter Cole)
Reviewed by Sesshu Foster

by Sarah Maclay

Reviewed by Cecilia Woloch

Embers by Terry Wolverton

Reviewed by Carole Carp

of the Table by Martha Ronk

Reviewed by Christine Zembal 
Shadow of the Plum by Carol Lem

Reviewed by Gary Soto

PRISM and Study for the World's Body: New and Selected Poems by David St. John
Reviewed by Bill Mohr 

Blue Window by Ann Fisher-Wirth
Reviewed by Sarah Maclay 

Late by Cecilia Woloch
Reviewed by Sarah Maclay

Imprint by Tina Demirdjian
Reviewed by Arpi Sarafian

by Dean Young
Reviewed by Catherine Turner

Borrowed Dress, by Cathy Colman
Reviewed by Elena Karina Byrne
Female Flying Solo
, by Tish Eastman
Reviewed by Jack Bowman

Taos Poetry Circus: The Nineties, Anne MacNaughton, et al., Eds.
Reviewed by Bill Mohr
, by Eloise Klein Healy
Reviewed by Terry Wolverton
Leaves of Spilled Spirit from an Untamed Poet
by Conney D. Williams
Reviewed by Jack Bowman

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