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 To render. Be rendered. Awestruck. Awesome.
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   Painting by Rachael McCampbell

Winter/Spring 2005


Letter from the Editor Speechless Redux

Poetry and the News Essay by Suzanne Lummis with a poem by Lynn Emanuel
Guest Star
Guest column — Jawanza Dumisani presents The World Stage

In Review Alice Romano reviews Keven Bellows' Taking Your Own True Name

Great Salutations The art of the letter — Philip Levine's open letter to the poets of Los Angeles

Visual Cues Art meets poetry (and vice-versa)— Keven Bellows and Martha Bardach

Double Feature Recent releases from Richard Beban and Sherman Pearl

Poetry Goes to the Fights Robert Mezey's "A Glimpse of Beau Jack"

Early Bloomers Featured Young Poet Stephen Pritchard

Rediscovered Poems we missed the first time around

From the Paparazzi File Fran Levine and liz gonzález with Hector Elizondo


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