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   "Throw Out the Old Way of Thinking"
   by Rachael McCampbell

Fall/Winter 2005/2006

Letter from the Editor
Guest Star
Cheryl Klein presents Poets & Writers, Inc.
In Review  ariel robello reviews Kamau DaŠood's The Language of Saxophones
Poets in Progress Student work from Charlotte Innes' class at Brentwood School
Early Bloomers Featured young poets from the annual art and poetry camp at Santa Fe Springs
Essay The Mystique of the Difficult Poem, by Steve Kowit
Poetry Goes to the Fights Boxing expert, and boxer-in-training, Arturo Gastelum on how Roberto Duran changed his lifeówith his letter responding to the current issue of Poetry Flash
Small Festival of Short Books Poems from chapbooks by Tyler Williams and Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Re-Discovered In 1900, at age 32, poet Ernest Dowson succumbed to complications resulting from TB, binge drinking, and disappointment in love...
In Memoriam Anne Silver
From the Paparazzi Files

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Speechless Quote of the Season

"Frankly, that leaves me a bit speechless."

Shakespearian scholar and critic of current foreign policy Harold Bloom on "Charlie Rose," responding to the comment that President Bush's favorite philosopher is Jesus.


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