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Painting by Rachael McCampbell



Spring 2004


Letter from the Editor

Visual Cues: Art meets poetry (and vice-versa) — J. Mark Beaver and Polia Pollin

Poets in Progress: Student work from Gail Wronsky’s class and from B. H. Fairchild's class

In Review: ariel robello reviews The Devil’s Workshop by Demetria Martinez, Sesshu Foster reviews J’Accuse by Aharon Shabtai (translated from the Hebrew by Peter Cole) and Juan Felipe Herrera reviews Prayer to Spider Woman / Rezo a la Mujer Araña by Renato Rosaldo

Great Salutations: the art of the letter — Maurya Simon to Richard Tillinghast & Denis Mair to Suzanne Lummis

For One Who Lived: Charles Potts’ remembrance of Edward Smith, and Smith’s last poem

Discovered by Talent Scouts: Terry Stevenson discovers Katerina Canyon


Past Issues