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Fascination Obsession

Artists' Bios and Statements

Lada Alekseychuk ( was born in the Ukraine and as a child studied drawing in Leningrad. In her teens she immigrated with her family to the West, and in route spent time in Rome where she studied traditional icon painting with a Russian nun of the Uspenskij Monastery. Later she studied in the Film Institute of New York University and received her BFA in cinematography, computer graphics and television. "Cinderella's Shoe" represents her current interest in collage, an exploration inspired by the Russian avant-garde artist Pavel Filonov (1883 -1941).

Richard Beban ("Obsession" marbles photo, is a poet, journalist, and photographer. He’s been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and co-authored numerous non-fiction books and collections. His books of poetry are I Burn for You (1999), What the Heart Weighs (2004) and Young Girl Eating a Bird (2006).He and his wife, writer Kaaren Kitchell, live in Paris.

Jacquie Draeger is a visual artist living and working in Los Angeles. She has shown her fiberglass sculpture's in gallery's since the 1980's. She has done extensive public art installations throughout the Los Angeles area. Among them, a project for a Metro Rail station on the Blueline, Studio City Library, a collaboration with the Los Angeles Natural History Museum where she fabricated replicas of fossils for a small park for Metrolink, a stained glass window for The Container Store in Pasadena and a pocket park in downtown Los Angeles. She is a preparator for the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Dept. Currently she is curating a surf culture exhibit for Palos Verdes Art Center.

Danielle Grilli ( is a writer, editor, designer, and educator living in lost city of angels. She is a poet, photographer, and strummer of songs sometimes.

Randlett Lawrence ( "Firing up minds is my fascination. Proving art & life can be more fulfilling than we think is my obsession. Ten years ago something strange happened in my kitchen. I put a blue bottle full of water on my windowsill. Inside the almost-spherical-bottomed bottle, a shining light caught my eye. Leaning close, I saw this tiny light was in fact the sun itself shining in a tiny sky! I saw the entire view from my window inside the bulbous bottle, but the whole view was upside down and backwards! The tiny sky (with the tiny blue sun) was on the bottom and the ground was on the top. The trees were all pointing down, not up! This, I realized, was refraction in action. This is what wide-angle lenses do. In a flash saw I could put giant colored lenses in front of an array of other giant colored lenses, and there-by create beautiful real-life visual experiences that no one in the history have yet had."

Yana Nirvana - View more of Yana Nirvana's art at

Toti O'Brien is the Italian accordionist with an Irish last name. Also known for some poetry readings around town. And some whimsical art work shown here and there. Una mas love letter belongs to a series of love letters. The language inconsistency in the title reflects the structural confusion of this epistolary genre. Because what can be more fragmented, convoluted and misleading than something we really want to say but we didn’t figure out yet…like being in love. With who, after all? Are we sure yet? That is why the series is endless.

Penelope Torribio ( is an award-winning puppeteer and singer-songwriter, educator, photographer, and Web designer. "When I began teaching kids with behavior and educational challenges I had none of these [artistic] talents. I soon learned it was not enough to educate my students, they needed to be transformed in many ways; how they relate to themselves, education, peers, parents, society. I developed these artistic tools—or talents—as I attempted to find keys into the hearts and minds of each of my students. As I became better at teaching these areas—I became better myself."

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