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Larry Colker


Babe, You Are Always on My Mind

Jacqueline Dreager, Untitled, Self Portrait

Twenty billion neurons in my cortex,
more or less. Let's say it takes three billion
to stand, to talk, to keep track of my hands,
to see what's in the light that ricochets
off world into my eyes. Maybe five billion
to breathe, to pump my heart, and all the rest
of body housekeeping. Suppose
another billion plan tomorrow's dinner,
feel love for grandchildren, decide
what shows I’ll watch on television Tuesday.
Perhaps a couple billion are just idle,
handing off electrical potentials
like rescue workers passing bags of rice.
I figure that leaves half the twenty billion,
and that's where you live, babe, the biggest mansion
in the small town of my brain.


Larry Colker co-hosts the weekly Redondo Poets reading in Redondo Beach, CA. His entry was selected as the poetry winner of the 2006 California Writers Exchange contest, sponsored by Poets & Writers, Inc. His work has appeared in The Los Angeles Review, The Sun, The Cortland Review, RATTLE, Malpaís Review, various anthologies, and elsewhere in print and on-line.

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