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Laurel Ann Bogen

Bones Dig This Dream

she knew it
couldn’t explain it
followed her great
yearning for bones
cut her teeth
on bones
bones dig grave
thirteenth hour yips
dead leaves at her feet

marrow root she hisses
more than skin
she digs deeper
kneads and massages
until she feels bone
O Grave Undertaker
root of this dream
be bone
be marrow
be what you mean



Laurel Ann Bogen's new book is forthcoming from Red Hen Press. She is the author of The Burning (Red Wing Books, 1991) and Washing a Language (Red Hen Press, 2004). She has been an instructor of poetry in the Writers' Program at UCLA Extension since 1990, where she received the Outstanding Instructor of the Year Award in 2008. She is the author of The Burning and Washing a Language.

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