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Painting by Rachael McCampbell

Fall 2004


Letter from the Editor

Ready for their Close-Up ON EDGE: John Allman and William Trowbridge

In Review Sylvia Rosen reviews Patricia Wellingham-Jones' Don't Look Away: Poems about Breast Cancer

Poets in Progress Student work from Charles Harper Webb’s class

Great Salutations The art of the letter — The Quiet Man:  Ships pass, moss grows and books get dropped off: Denis Mair's continuing adventures house-sitting a yurt

Visual Cues Art meets poetry (and vice-versa)— Artist and poet Jackie Tchakalian

Black Tie: A Formal Affair Poems in classic forms — the pantoum

Sneak Previews Excerpts from forthcoming books by Deborah Landau and Sholeh Wolpé


Past Issues